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Kudos to Dr. Chuck

for all of our purrs, coos, and wagging tails.

Thank You! Woof Danke Barkas Gracias! Ribbit Meow • Grazie Coo Chirp Squeak Merci!

Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind while I'm away. My husband and I travel and I hate boarding my little Shit-Tzu. It seemed like every time I would pick her up from the kennel she would be sick for a few days once she was home. I'm not sure if it was stress-related or not, but I needed an alternative solution. Now that you come to my home and take care of her she is once again a happy and healthy puppy when I arrive home.

Thanks you for providing a wonderful service for those of us that have to leave our pets behind.

—Sharon Manning

Lynn & Chuck are passionate pet owners themselves and their love for their own pets spills over when caring for others! When my new kitten Bagbey was sick and in need of a sitter, Chuck & Lynn came to the rescue without hesitation and gave this little guy the love and attention he needed. As well as keeping up with his twice a day medicine schedule. We came home a much healthier kitty!

Rachel Mick Davis

I have known the Priess’ for many years and know them to be, without a doubt, wonderful, responsible and loving pet owners and caregivers. 

I have entrusted my dear dachshund to them more than once, knowing that he will never want for anything, will be cared for like a child and will be given lots of loving attention and exercise. 

I have known of several occasions where Dr. Priess has rescued forlorn lost pets that he has come across in pouring rain on busy highways. He has made the effort and succeeded in reuniting these lost pets with their grateful owners.

I would not hesitate a second to entrust my precious pets with the Priess’ for short or long amounts of time. They truly love all animals with the compassion that only a pet lover can understand.

Lynn Longwill

If you want EVERY request done correctly the first time hire Lynn. If you hire anyone else you will be disappointed. Lynn is the busy person's dream come true. Lynn has been my assistant/office manager for 5 yrs and it has never run better. Choosing Lynn's services bettered my life more than I knew was possible. Lynn is trustworthy at every level.

No matter what, she can be trusted. She is always prompt, always considerate, and incredibly sharp in her handling of people and of paperwork. Lynn has shined in every challenge my office threw her way. She responds professionally from the smallest to biggest situations. Because you need only ask her once, she has simplified both my professional and personal life. She has never let me down and is impeccable without fail. Ensure yourself a problem-free service and hire Lynn. Anything else is mistake.

Julie Shumate
The Perfect Look,

Mark and I highly recommend Dr. Chuck's Critter Sitter service! Chuck and Lynn have cared for our two German Shepherds when we have been out of town numerous times. It's hard to entrust two big dogs to just anyone, but we knew they were in good hands with Chuck and Lynn. Their genuine love for animals and friendly disposition made our pets feel safe and secure.


Mark and Vicki Collins

Sleeping Beauty
It's a tough Life.
Thank You, Danke,Woof, Barkus Gracias, Ribbit, Meow, Grazie, Purr, Coo, Chirp, Squeak and Merci!

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